Rt Hon. Count David J. Gagnon is an economist, an Instructional Judge for a UN Human Rights Court, a philanthropist, and clergyman, whose professional activities are firmly rooted in the authentic principles of timeless historical institutions with humanitarian missions.

David’s multi-faceted career path features overlapping experience of 40 years of economics specializing in banking and finance, high-ranking governmental and Parliamentary roles, 29 years of paralegal-level work, law enforcement, and Court enforcement, and 28 years of non-profit philanthropy and humanitarian charity work.

He saw a need for an inter-governmental organization for the protection of Human Rights, along with the protection of women, children, and families. Through a network of well-placed Ambassadors in various countries, other International Inter-Governmental Organizations have joined this noble organization to make a difference in this world.

Count David has been granted several official European nobility titles by letters patent from royal families, including the noble Titulo S.E. el Conde de Sementra de la antigua Capadocia del Bizancio.

As an established clergy with over 15 years of Church experience, he was elevated to a Metropolitan Archbishop of the Old Catholic Church, with a Doctorate in Divinity. He also sits on the Curia of the Old Catholic Church and oversees his Metropolitan Archdiocese of the Americas, Pakistan, India, and Asia.

Count David serves as the Chairman and Directional Secretariat for the A.N.G.E.L. Inter-Governmental Organization, a sovereign entity registered, recognized and accredited by the United Nation – DESA.  The A.N.G.E.L. Inter-Governmental Organization supports and promotes humanitarian relief and development programs, the advancement of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms, including respect for national sovereignty and the rule of law, and other related charitable and humanitarian projects. Emphasis on civil rights, education, protection of equal rights for women, minorities, and disadvantaged groups, freedom of religion, preservation of cultural identity.

On August 5, 2016, at 1100 GMT, Executive Control of the World Humanity Commission was passed to His Eminence Archbishop David J Gagnon, a member of Council and General Assembly.

WHC undertake to strengthen coordination; a synergy of humanitarian/diplomatic/civil society organizations, and member countries in which the strategic development plan reflects input from all relevant stakeholders to collectively promote World Peace & Unity, Health, Education, Human Rights, Capacity Building, Culture & Tourism, Global Security, Development Projects, Environment, Diplomatic Relations, Good Governance and campaign against the dehumanization of vulnerable people; collect donations for, and provide supports to community-based projects that restore a complete feeling of self-worth through placing it on the path of sustainable growth and development.

Count David also serves as the Ambassador to the United States for l’Assemblee Citoyenne Europeenne and the High Commissioner and Special Envoy in Ecumenical Diplomacy for the Secretary General’s office for the International Commission of Diplomatic Relations Human Rights and Peace (IGO) and the Council of Inter-Parliament Organization (IGO).