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  by Count David

Every day, I hear we need to tear down the borders and share what we have with everyone else.  That only works in the Liberals mind until you ask him to give up a share of his holdings.  Then suddenly they lose the mightier than thou attitude and become really quiet.  There really isn’t a need to give away what you’ve worked for in your life.  However, you can pay some forward to help someone else develop a better life for him and his family. ANGEL has a better plan.  We need to work together to promote self-sustainability.  If you give someone a bag of rice, he eats for a few days. Teach the man to love and respect the land, build a home, farm his land and he eats along with everyone around him and becomes a self-sustainable individual.

ANGEL has a better plan to promote self-sustainability through Permaculture Farming.  Please follow the link to the right “Link to: ANGEL Inter-Governmental Organization” and see what we’re doing around the world.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below.

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